Remote maintenance for exhaust air scrubbers


Exhaust air scrubbers work extremely reliably, especially if they are designed with redundancy. Nevertheless, fault messages can occasionally occur. For example: the pump pressure monitoring system issues an error message due to contamination or the pH value measurement shows that the required limit values are no longer being adhered to.

Those responsible on site are instructed on possible malfunctions and how to rectify them during commissioning. However, it usually takes some time before practical action is actually required - the knowledge from back then can no longer be recalled or the responsible persons have changed in the meantime. The manufacturer's service often has to be called upon.

It's good if remote maintenance is possible in this case. This is common practice for plant and machine control systems. Nevertheless, this requirement is often not explicitly demanded in the specifications for components that tend to play a secondary role in the production process.

Richard Tscherwitschke GmbH now offers the option of equipping its AIRTOP series of exhaust air scrubbers with an industrial remote maintenance gateway. The solution used offers a global VPN infrastructure for 24/7/365 access and is security-certified in accordance with ISECOM STAR and ISO 27001.