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Protection of our resources

Resource-saving production is becoming increasingly important for the future. Richard Tscherwitschke GmbH supplies energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly technologies and is already today enabling sustainable business activities for its customers. Efficient use of resources and respect for the environment are paid attention to during our business activities.

This starts with the responsible behaviour of each individual employee and continues in the product range. We are committed to environmental responsibility and provide our customers with technical process solutions in diverse application areas for economic and environmentally-compatible production. Examples of this are heat recovery from waste water or process air as well as metal recovery. The reduced consumption of operating materials reduces harm to people and nature, lowers operating costs and thus increases profits.

Thinking in loops

The idea of closing loops in industry is based, among other things, on the business principle of avoiding waste and thus increasing and optimising cost-effectiveness and efficiency of products, processes and systems.