Policy statement on due diligence within the supply chain

Richard Tscherwitschke GmbH fully meets its responsibility to comply with human rights and environmental due diligence obligations. This includes in particular the observance and compliance with the following values towards employees and business partners:

  • Human rights are observed at all times.
  • Working conditions are designed to be fair and safe.
  • Work processes are always designed with environmental protection and the conservation of resources in mind.
  • The applicable legal regulations, standards and guidelines are observed.

We expect all business partners in our supply chain to fulfill their responsibilities without restriction and to comply with human rights and environmental due diligence requirements.

We consider it our responsibility to observe and demand these values within our supply chain in a manner appropriate for small businesses. Every employee, customer, supplier and other business partner is requested to report violations by e-mail to info(at) or by mail to Richard Tscherwitschke GmbH, Dieselstr. 19-21, D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany.