High Quality Plating Solutions and Exhaust Air Technique
Approved Technique | Innovative Systems
Process automation with GALVAROB®
The plating barrels will be automatically opened, filled and closed again. After the treatment they will be automatically unloaded. In addition to this an automatic charging and discharging process can be realised.
Barrel drying - more output, less energy use ...
... plus a very gentle drying process for bulk material. These are the main reasons why an investment in a new barrel drying system pays off.
How to save chemicals and rinsing water
A proven method to enhance the electrolyte exchange is the electrolyte injection directly into the plating barrel. In combination with an internal rinsing the displacement of bath media can be reduced at the same time.
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GALVA-HP - High Performance Barrel made of PE 1000
Particularly designed for regular and long-term use. Completely butt-welded for more capacity due to higher volume.
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