Plating device GALVARIO with mesh baskets and plating barrelsclose-up view of ZYKLOTOP droplet separator with its parallel helix-shaped channel sectionsInside view into nozzle scrubberInside view into plating barrel with threaded parts
Reduced displacement
of chemical bath media
New drive solution for plating barrel units

- Prevents unwanted deposits in the motor housing
- Longer durability of the drive system
- Reduced maintenance costs
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One for all:
New all-rounder for the most
varied coating tasks.

Can be used with both:
mesh baskets
and plating barrels.
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Patented droplet separator
Up to 99% separation degree!
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Exhaust Air Technology
Customised, efficient and economic exhaust air cleaning systems
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Plating barrels & plating units
High quality, practical products for surface finishing
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